22 College St.

This is a small old building across from College Park. On the north side of College, just west of Yonge St. This building has a lot of small businesses in it in office type situations.

22 College St.
22 College St. The door on the left is directly in front of the makeshift 'ramp' they have. (It's a piece of heavy wood with about a 1/2 inch lip, covered in carpet) There's a sign on this particular door telling you to use the door on the far right. If you do, and you are in some type of mobility device there is no way you can get to the ramp due to a railing that comes out too far into the small isle at the doorway. To enter this building and utilize that 'delivery ramp', you must enter through the door it tells you not to use which is heavy, hold that door open (it's not automatic, no doors here are), and put your electric wheelchair or scooter on full power to manage to get up the very steep ramp. Most of the time all these doors are locked with the exception of the one on the far right.

I will give them credit, there is a sign on the wall by the ramp that says it is for deliveries only but the place I had to go in there told me it was wheelchair accessible when I called ahead to inquire. I was told all I had to do was come in the front door and up the ramp then into the elevator. Here is what I was greeted with...

ramp inside 22 College St.      ramp inside 22 College St.
This is the ramp from a view coming into the building through the far right entry door. It isn't take at the greatest angle but there really isn't much room in there. At the bottom left of this picture is pretty much where the door is. Not much room at all. The picture on the right shows a view from the top of the ramp. It looks like there is a fair amount of room at the bottom of the ramp to the door but there actually isn't.

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