Black's Photography

Superstore on Dundas St. W. just above Yonge St.

Black's Photography - Entrance on Dundas St. W.

This is the other Black's store I use for any larger purchases that are not available at the smaller store I regularly use in Cumberland Terrace. The staff at this superstore are like any staff at Black's, great and always pleasant. This is a shot of the main entrance to this store. Fully automatic door, button for it is on the right. This door opens out towards you.








  Some of the main floor

This is a partial picture of the main floor at this Black's store. The ramp leading to the second level (this store is on a split level) is directly behind the counter. You can see the railings at the end of the ramp to the left of the tripods.






  shot of 2nd level

This is a shot of the 2nd level. This is only a portion of the 2nd level. It's too large to capture in one shot. As you can see, there is very little in your way up here and ample space to move about.






  This is Robert

And this is Robert. One of my favourite salespeople at this store. Always willing to take time with a customer and very knowledgeable when it comes to cameras. He's been a big help with this new digital camera I'm still getting used to.








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