Bond Place Hotel

65 Dundas Street East

Bond Place Hotel - Dundas St. E. entrance      Bond Place Hotel - side St. entrance
I can't figure this out for the life of me. There are two main entrances here. In the picture on the left you see the main entrance on Dundas St. E. The platform before the automatic door is at least 8 feet in length and look at all the sidewalk available. The space between the automatic door and the sidewalk is ample enough to put a straight ramp. There is an automatic door, but there are also stairs.

Now look at the picture on the right. This is the side entrance. It is exactly the same situation as the Dundas St. E. entrance. Matter of fact this picture doesn't do it justice as to how much space is actually there between where the public sidewalk stops and their property starts leading to the stairs and the automatic door.

Do you want to know where the disabled entrance is? There actually is one. Look below for pictures. You go down to the end of the hotel on Dundas St. E. and turn left literally into an alley. There, tucked away on the left you will see a disabled sign on the wall. In an alcove (which I wonder how dark it is at night - and this isn't the best area in town) is a large heavy regular door! Not an automatic door. The door pulls out towards you as well so good luck. I really don't see how this can even vaguely be considered a disabled entrance.

And why do all the rest of the doors that require you to go up stairs have an automatic door? But their so called 'disabled' door doesn't? Btw, I looked through the glass window in that heavy 'disabled' door.. there was so much luggage packed in front of it you couldn't have gotten in anyway.

the laneway to the disabled entrance    disabled entrance?

a closer view of the 'disabled' entrance down the laneway

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