Canada Post
Cabbagetown Drug Store
422 Parliament Street

I must thank Canada Post for this photo op. It's a loo-loo. There will be at least a couple of pages to this with a ton of photos to show what inconsiderate, non-thinking, who-gives-a-rats-ass if they can get in, or what they have to go through to get in, kind of place Canada Post is.

Here is the story. I have 3 post offices in my area! Yes, 3. One is the actual post office on Charles St. (near Yonge) which is the farthest away and would take me approx. 10 minutes to scooter to and it's completely accessible. The 2nd one is directly up the street (about 4 minutes) from me in Greenwin Mall. It's absolutely wheelchair accessible with automatic doors and no steps into the store, people that run it are pleasant and I'm there in the mall every few days, etc.

Then there is the 3rd one. This one takes me about 9 minutes to get to , it's about 6 blocks if not more away. This is the one Canada Post sends my parcels to for me to pick up if they missed me.

- Now, before I go any further let me explain a few things here. 1st thing is I bet you didn't know that if you lived on the 4th floor and up in a building that Canada Post doesn't have to deliver parcels to you. Nope..... they don't. According to their union they only have to deliver up to the 3rd floor. So, if you get a lazy parcel delivery guy you're screwed.

2nd... we, for many, many years, up until recently, had a parcel delivery guy like that. I live on the 19th floor. Of course we have elevators, and our elevators are express as well from 18 - 30 so it takes only 30 or so seconds literally to get to my floor. But will he come up? Nope.... he makes sure I get a notice the next day saying he was here but no one was home!!! Oh yeah, they lie too.

Phone Canada Post and see how far you get. That's a joke in itself. Many years ago there was one gentleman at Canada Post that would have my parcels redelivered and another parcel delivery guy that if he saw a parcel with our name on it he would deliver it because he knew we would be here but those two kind people are long gone. These days they tell you to call the post office your parcel was delivered to and arrange to have it redelivered. They don't tell you however that it will take at least a week and they'll charge you $1.00 or 2 to get it to you. In the meanwhile you were home all along but SOMEONE was too freakin lazy to take the elevator and used the 'we don't have to deliver above the 3rd floor thing'.

Back to the Post office that Canada Post sends my parcels to. It's at Parliament & Gerrard Sts. roughly. In the Cabbagetown Drug Store. Where they take their phone off the hook so so much for calling them.

To get to them off Parliament St. their main door you have to go up one very long set of stairs and then another stair into the store. hmmmm, so much for that idea. But WAIT!! Canada Post claims this place is wheelchair accessible. Oh really? Is that what it's called? Here is how they are wheelchair accessible folks.... this will take a couple of pages because I took a lot of pics to show you exactly how shitty this is and how dangerous it can be for us as well.

about half way up the laneway to go get my parcel

You are at Parliament St. and can't get in so you go down the street more until you find a lovely laneway. I shot this photo partly up the laneway so you can imagine how long it is. Now imagine how creepy it is when it's getting dark out early because it's winter. Even better, IMAGINE this covered in snow in the winter, and ice! Do you really think anyone cleans this laneway of ice and snow so disabled can get through it??? Give me a break.

Speaking of winter, last year after a good storm I got a notice telling me there was a parcel down there. I called them and told the guy I am disabled and can't get down that alleyway and if I came the next day and called ahead, could they meet me outside and get my parcel slip from me and get my parcel since I couldn't get in their store. He said yes. So the next day I go down, I park myself at the bottom of their front store steps and call them on my cell. It's bitter cold out. Their phone rings and rings and rings. Finally someone answers it and I tell him the story from the day before. He tells me he's busy. Asks me to hold on the phone for a minute, puts the phone down and 30 minutes later it's still off the hook and I'm sitting outside literally freezing my ass off. People go in, people come out and I'm still there because I can't access their damn store although Canada Post thinks I can. At least a dozen people went up those stairs after I got there and came back out and I was still waiting for this guy to come out to me.

Finally I stopped a man and asked him if he could please tell the post office guy I'm still out here freezing waiting for him. He asked what happened and I told him. He went in and about 2 minutes later finally the guy from the store comes out, gets my parcel slip and goes in and gets my parcel. My fingers were numb as were my feet by this point. I was literally furious at this situation. There is no excuse for it when there are 2 actual wheelchair accessible post offices closer to me.

the next section of alleyway to go get my parcel

Now... about half way up that alleyway you get to this section (no, you aren't even close to the post office back door yet). Who knows who will jump out at you here. What you can't see in this pic is off to the right there is an old rickety staircase with all sorts of garbage stuffed under it including a foam mattress, shoes, and whatever else imaginable packed back there.




finally, the end of that alleyway

Finally, the end of that alleyway.... now you have to turn right where that car is parked and head up the next alleyway. No, I am not kidding.






  wino's   passing the bottle
Here is what greets you as you come around the corner to the next alleyway. Folks (5 men, one is sitting down) parking themselves over in the corner, passing around the bottle. Look at the guy to the right in the baseball cap. A bottle is in his hand. In the next pic the bottle is gone because he's sharing it around. I've seen crackheads back there too. The other day this wired to the hilt hooker popped out from behind a large garbage bin (the kind the city picks up) behind the post office. Scared the hell out of me when she appeared from behind there to directly in front of me. One second she's not there and the next she is. geez.

back door of Cabbagetown Drug Store where the disabled are suppose to get in   another shot of the back 'disabled' door
Look to the left and you get the wino's and crackheads and look right and low and behold... the "DISABLED" entrance to the Drug Store/Post Office. Whoopie! By-the-way, in the cooler weather this is how you find this 'disabled' door. Shut. Round doorknob too so it's difficult enough crammed in the corner like that but if you have any dexterity problems you can forget it. In neither of these pics does it really show you how small this door is but in the one on the right you can see it isn't wide, that's for sure. Trying to open it is another challenge in itself. This is NOT an automatic door, it's a regular door. Standard size. Matter of fact it's a bit smaller than the standard entry door. I should actually measure it sometime. They can't see anything that's going on since there's a long hallway that is so thin that a fortress scooter JUST fits in it and I mean 'just' fits in the width of it. More on this door and that hallway on the next page. Oh... and their wonderful ramp too!

Check out Canada Post Page 2 for the rest of these photos. You haven't seen anything yet!!

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