Canada Post.... cont.
Cabbagetown Drug Store
422 Parliament Street

Here we go... the story continues.
the beginning of their wonderful ramp   like the ramp?
This is over to the right of the 'disabled' door and the beginnings of their lovely ramp. I'm telling you, it is so disgusting behind this building. And then you have the winos and hookers and crackheads. There's glass all over the place so a flat tire is always a possibility. The garbage is strewn around and stinks like hell at times. This is what Canada Post thinks of the disabled. Nice eh?

You go up this ramp, turn hard and the pic on the right shows you the beginning of the ramp that leads up to the door. There is no way to avoid this mess and it's been like this for years. I and anyone else in my building which I will add is a designated disabled building with over 700 units in it, has to endure any time we happen to miss a parcel delivery or the postman is too damn lazy to bring the parcel upstairs to us. Oh, and up the street from me is another designated disabled building with a few hundred apts in it too.

open door in the summer - big deal

The pics on the page prior to this were taken in March 2006 when it was cooler so their back door was closed. These pictures were taken on May 26th, 2006 which was a warmer day and they were kind enough to have the door propped open. This however allowed me to show you the rest of the crap one has to go through. Matter of fact, I couldn't even get in that day until I sat out there yelling my head off. Why did I have to yell and yell.... the pics below will tell that story.


  coming up to that filthy door

This is the door as you come upon it open. I'm sure you noticed how filthy it was on the previous pictures where it showed the outside of the door.... but this is the INSIDE of the door!! Talk about gross. What you can't tell from this picture is how small a space we have to maneuver into that doorway. It's actually a bit smaller than a normal apt. size entry door so believe me when I say it's a tough squeeze if at all. I'm sure one of the newer bigger wheelchairs wouldn't fit in there no matter what. I know for a fact that a Fortress scooter has great difficulty getting in there and you should have seen them trying to get back out. My scooter is a pace saver, very old and nice and small and even I have problems. Thank goodness today was a warmer day and they have tied the door open for all that's worth.




  trying to get into that skinny doorway   oh goody.... look at the parcels half way across the isle
The picture on the right shows me trying to get into that skinny doorway. There is little room to maneuver backwards, no room to turn and it's back and forth and back and forth by inches to get into that doorway. In the meantime you are bumping into the door and the wall. Look closely at this photo, notice the holes and gouges on the hall wall? - In the picture on the right it shows you what was waiting for me once I managed to maneuver into that doorway. It's not that clear a pic but I was trying to take these before someone discovered what I was doing. Below you can see a better photo.

  coming up to that filthy door

This is the last photo. A clearer one of the pile of parcels put in the way. Needless to say I'm out there yelling for someone for several minutes. Finally some guy comes and tells me to wait a minute. Instead of coming to me and getting my Canada Post notice for my parcel he proceeds to repile the stuff a foot or two up the isle. A lot of freakin help that was. I still couldn't get all the way up that tight isle and then I had to back up and literally inch my way out that damned door and go as slow as possible so I didn't hit the railings which are only wood and makes me wonder how much it would take to break them and go off the ramp. Matter of fact, for some time there was no railing there at all and it was very dangerous. Anyway, after much struggle with very little space I managed to back out of there and then at the end of that ramp almost toppled my scooter when I hit those loose bricks. Never again, whatever is there waiting for me can rot. If I had of toppled over Canada Post would have had one nice big lawsuit.

On a footnote, even the posties are disgusted with this place. When I was leaving a female postie was coming down the alleyway looking confused and I asked her if she was looking for the post office. She said yes and I explained to her how far to go down the alley, then turn into the other alley, watch out for the crackheads and then turn once more and you'll find the back door tied open. She looked at me thoroughly disgusted and said "why the hell don't they have the front door open?". I told her she had the wrong door. They lock the door that says the post office and only have the Drug Store door open usually for the people that can take all those stairs. She went down the laneway cursing them blue, all the while watching for the drunks, hookers and crackheads..

Just to be perfectly clear on this issue, I called this post office about their door way back and got nowhere. The guy I spoke to just continued to tell me it was wheelchair accessible. I also called Canada Post and got nowhere there either. They told me that even though there was a closer post office to me that was fully on street level and accessible as well as the actual Canada Post post office on Charles St. my stuff will still be sent to the Parliament St. post office thanks to my postal code. That's just the way it is and that post office, according to them, is wheelchair accessible. I even called the Charles St. Post Office but got nowhere there either. These last couple of months I've had to go down to the Parliament post office a few times and the encounters I've had with wino's and stoned hookers and creepy alleyways is enough. I've had my fill, and I've had my fill with trying to talk sense to Canada Post. Hence these pages.


FINAL UPDATE: This store is GONE! It stayed open for some time after my report on it along with a Global News report done with a reporter and I, but some time later in 2009 it was gone. Thankfully.

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