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Well..... seems they hang up on the Minister of Health a lot as well. Not him personally but his representative. Actually yelled at her too! With that being said, his office suggested I go to the Ministry of Government Services which I did on November 3rd, 2006. They took their time too, 2 months and then I phoned them to find out they had just handed the issue over for investigation. About a month after that I got a letter from them stating that there was a difference of opinion between me and City Optical. (no kidding!) Since there was this difference of opinion they suggested that I sue them in small claims court.

So........... I did. And what's more, I won. We didn't actually get right to court, we did a court appointed settlement conference with a Judge. This was about a month and a half ago now (late Sept 2007) so as soon as I get my new glasses from them that they had to redo and everything else that was done I'll update this again.

Update: Jan. 2008 - Here we go again. The agreement through the settlement conference was that they upgrade my glasses from glass lenses to plastic, pick out new frames again, completely remake the glasses (due to a prescription change since this all started). This they did finally. They were to give employee's sensitivity training as well. The rest of it they didn't do though. They were to also give me back that $75.00 they charged on my Visa. During the settlement conference the store owner requested he write me a cheque for it since I now have a different Visa number then I had at the time it was charged to me. I agreed. Never thinking it would end up so difficult.

The day of the settlement conference I faxed my prescription (I had a new one, my eyesight had changed) to the store owner. About a month and a half later I finally received my new glasses. In the meanwhile I had to continually contact this man about giving me back my money. At least a half dozen times he told me he was coming over that day. So I waited in and guess what? He was a no show every single time. Not only that but he didn't have the decency to call me to let me know he wasn't coming which really annoys me. Not only does he not show but every time he tells me he's coming he also tells me he's bringing wine and dinner!!! Excuse me? Wine and dinner? With this I'm very uncomfortable and I make sure someone is also in my home with me for when he comes so he has not only inconvenienced me by making me wait in for him, he's also inconvenienced the person I've asked to be here when he is here.

At last my glasses are ready for pick up and I call him and try to convince him to drop the cheque off at the store and I'll pick it up at the same time as I pick up my glasses. Oh no, he wants to drop it by himself, with the wine and dinner yet again. I'm beginning to think I am not going to see this money. I went to pick up my glasses and noticed there is a decernable slant everything is on when I put them on. I talked to the man that was attending to me in the store and he couldn't care less. I asked him if I couldn't get used to these new glasses due to this "slant" can I bring them back for adjustment? He tells me no. That if I can't get used to them then to go see my eye Dr. again! It takes 6 months to get an appt with my eye Dr and I tell him this. I also tell him that sometimes when there is a slant like this that the lenses are not correct and need to be adjusted. Sometimes that is all it takes. He couldn't care less and again tells me to go see my eye Dr. Nice...... very nice.

At this point I couldn't care less. I want my court appointed money and to wash my hands of this whole ordeal. So I start phoning the store owner again. On and on. More times he tells me he'll drop off the cheque. More times he tells me about the wine & dinner. More times he doesn't bother to show up and doesn't call me either. There were a few times he told me he was going to mail the cheque too but that never happened either. Now we are into November. Since phone calls aren't working and he's no longer answering his cell phone, ( He's having it forwarded to the office where a lady answers it every time.) I decide to fax him. On November 23rd I did that..... and got absolutely no response. Wonderful. So on Nov. 28th, I called him and got the lady again. I left yet another message. She called me back a few minutes after that and told me she spoke to him and he said to resend the fax. So I did. She called back to say he was going to mail the cheque. Again...... nothing.

Early December I call again. This time he answers and tells me all about wine and dinner and he'll bring my cheque. Again a no show. Now, the settlement conference was on Sept. 18th, 2007, it's now mid December 2007. I called him again, about a week and a half before Christmas and get the lady on the phone again, she calls me back to tell me that he is going to have the cheque mailed to me.

At this point I'm thoroughly fed up with this man and decide to let it go over the holidays. On January 2nd I called him again. Again I get this lady who calls me back to inform me that he is going to have the cheque couriered to me.

No courier ever showed up either.

So..... on Friday January 25th, I wrote the following letter to the Toronto Small Claims Court:

January 25th, 2008

Toronto Small Claims Court,
47 Sheppard Avenue East,
3rd Floor,
Toronto, Ontario,
M2N 5N1

To whom it may concern,

On September 18th, 2007 I had a Settlement Conference (via phone due to my disabilities). My Claim number is # SC-2007-#############. (Plaintiff) vs City Optical - O/A By the Optical Authority Inc. (Defendant)

The Defendant has defaulted on the agreement and I would like to go to trial. I was informed when I phone the Small Claims Court that I needed to put this in writing.

This defendant has run me ragged. He made arrangements at least 6 times to meet me at my home to bring the cheque he was ordered to bring and every time he never showed up and didn't even have the decency to call and say he wasn't coming.

Every time I spoke to this man on the phone he continued to tell me he was bringing wine and dinner which I want nothing to do with. This man has never seen me.

With all the failed times to bring the cheque I requested he send it to his store and I pick it up but he put it off yet again claiming he wanted to bring it and wine and dinner. I would arrange for someone to be home with me when he arrived however every time again he was a no show.

I have also faxed him twice about this issue as well as all my phone calls. The first fax (sent November 23rd) was ignored and I called about it and he said to send it again. (2nd fax sent November 28th 2007) When I did, someone from his office called to say he was going to mail the cheque. It never arrived. This was just prior to Christmas 2007. If he had mailed it it would have come by Canada Post just before the Holidays.

After the holidays I called yet again. On Wednesday January 2nd to be exact. I spoke to someone about this (he never answers his own phone) and they said they would give him the message. A few minutes later I got a call back from someone at his office telling me he was going to send it via courier. It is now January 25th, 2008 and I've yet to see the cheque he was ordered to give me over 4 months ago now.

I am very tired of dealing with this man and constantly having to call to try to get my money from him. I'm also tired of his advances. I would like this to go to trial so this can be cleared up once and for all.


Seems we will be off to trial. I'm sure this will annoy the hell out of this man however it's been over 4 months and I am really tired of chasing him around for money the court has ordered him to pay. He's had more than enough opportunities. Hell, I was even willing to pick it up but that wasn't good enough for him. I'll update when we get back to court.

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