In the small mall on the corner of Yonge & Charles St. Northwest corner.

Their NEW entrance
This store is new. It opened around June 2002 and had great access, no barriers. I went there Aug. 8th 2002 to take a few pics of it and look what I found! Barriers, all over the place. If they insist on using this white gate it needs to be fixed so there are no gaps. I also found a lot of stock piled in isles and new free standing displays that were difficult to get around. This store was one of the best on the thumbs up list and now it has been removed and put on the 'thumbs down' list. How disappointing.

Dollarama - their NEW exit
After battling this store and going through the checkout I found I couldn't exit the store! These new 'isles' installed on the side of the checkout, although not really visible in this picture, are extremely thin. There is no way even the smallest mobility device can fit through them. If you go around them to the left you should be able to get out through one small place but my access out of the store was blocked by piled stock in the isle and a rather large support column for the building. You can see this one small space you can exit in the picture, a gap between poles in front of that white wall (this is the large support column) that you have to go around. A nice woman waiting for someone at the entrance opened the 'entrance white gate' for me to allow me to exit the store. I sincerely don't know what possessed these people to do all this. For one thing, there are no buggy's in that store so why the thin isles that prohibit you from exiting? They don't have to worry about someone walking out with a shopping cart.

Up until all these barriers were installed I always saw several other disabled people in this store when I went in. While there on Aug. 8th, 2002 I saw none. This store should realize this and the fact they are losing customers.

To be fair I decided to try this store again a week later to see if there were any changes. There weren't. The same situations prevailed. Stock in the isles, boxes, free standing displays. The new poles were still in the same positions blocking the exit for anyone in a mobility device. This time there was no one around to help me out and I refuse to pull one of those gates towards me and at the same time go through them while that gaping space is still in the gate. This time I requested help from the cashier whom didn't want to do anything. So I sat there and continued to tell her my way out of the store was only through the entrance (the exit was blocked) and I needed someone to hold the gate. Finally after considerable time and arguement on my behalf, she came around and held it open for us. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was not in that day.

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