Don Jail Lane

Off Gerrard St. East just west of Broadview Avenue.

Hope you like riding into oncoming traffic
Obviously you can see the crosswalk here, but if you are in a mobility device you must go to the right of the crosswalk and onto Gerrard St. to continue along.

This is the laneway that goes up and in front of the Don Jail. It is just west of Broadview Avenue at Gerrard St. E. They have this little 'island' here. Take a good look, there is no ramp! So, you are scootering or wheeling over the bridge on Gerrard St. E. and you get to this section and if you wish to continue along Gerrard St. E. you must go into oncoming traffic. You must take your mobility device onto a very heavily used main street. By the way, just as you go around the edge of this island there is a sewer and a pothole as well so be very careful both of traffic and the dip in the road. If you are going east along Gerrard this means the traffic is at your back so be extremely careful. We had a very scary incident there once where a van suddenly accelerated and almost hit us from behind.

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