Eaton Centre

Toronto Eaton Center - Dundas & Yonge Sts.

This is Toronto's downtown core main mall and one of our main tourist places. And it's a nightmare too as far as I'm concerned. There are three disabled entrances out of at least 8 entrances. One is at the main doors almost at Yonge & Dundas (the Sears store), another is off the back, down the street the Old City Hall is on (Albert St.) The Albert St. entrance is where Wheeltrans drops off. And the third is off Yonge St. beside the Baton Rouge Restaurant. Ramps are good in this mall so I have to give them points for that BUT.. getting to the different levels is a nightmare. There are two elevators only that will take you to all 3 levels of the mall. One of the glass elevators near the entry on Queen St. and one of the elevators approx. in the center of the mall. These elevators are tiny. At best they holds around 10 people. They are slow elevators and trying to get on it is another matter yet again. One time we waited 45 minutes. Every time it finally came, people pushed ahead onto it first leaving no room. There are small yellow signs with black print by these two particular elevators that say: "Please allow strollers and wheelchairs to enter/exit the elevator first" but no one cares and they just push on the elevator leaving you there waiting again for it to come back to you to attempt this ritual all over again. There is also one of those blue disabled stickers by these elevators as well but both these signs are basically ignored by people.

Although there are disabled washrooms in this mall also, they too are ridiculously planned. You have to enter a small doorway that zigzags into a small and always packed isle while waiting for a washroom to become available. Good luck unless you can get out of your wheelchair or scooter and leave it outside the washroom with someone to watch it. I would NOT advise leaving it there on it's own while you use the facilities. I've attempted to use a few of the washrooms in this mall and find the same problems at all of them. Sometimes there is also stock and boxes piled in the main corridors leading to them as well. The washrooms are few and far between as well. Needless to say, I'm not impressed with this mall in the least. For many years now I've avoided the Toronto Eaton Centre at all costs. I simply can't put up with the frustration there. I went back on Aug 25th/02 just to verify some facts and I can promise it will be my last visit to that mall.

Btw, there is one more 'disabled' entrance there but it never works. It is at the Queen St. exit. It's the last thin door on the left from inside the mall. Directly by the wall and where just outside the door a piece of the building juts out and people tend to sit on it, in the way of anyone using the door. I checked it again on my visit and at this point in time there is no button at all. It's been punched right out.

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