At the corner of Parliament & Amelia Sts.

The entrance to the store at this station
This gas station is relatively new. It was constructed sometime in 2001. What a disappointment this is. Take a good look at the entrance to the store that is there. By the way, this is where you pay for your gas as well. So, this means if you have a disabled vehicle you can get out of your vehicle, get your gas there but try to pay for it!

ramp at the store and where you pay for your gas    another view of the ramp - notice the ice maker
These two pictures give you a better view of the ramps there leading to the store that has no access for the disabled. Although it can't be seen here too well, the sidewalk in front of this store is not very wide, it's doubtful you could turn your scooter or wheelchair on it without going off the edge. I know in the pic it looks wide but it's just the angle I had to take the picture at. It really isn't. I know that I backed off it to be on the safe side. As well, they have that huge ice maker there at the other end near the ramp and there is no way to get past it even if you wanted to. It takes up a substantial portion of the sidewalk.

Another thing that happened here was I needed air in my tires of my scooter so, since I am able to get out of my scooter and walk a bit I went into the store there and asked the man at the counter if he could help me. I got a flat out 'no'. Seems he is the only one there and couldn't help me. He suggested that I ask one of the people driving in to get gas to help me.


In early Fall 2003 I decided to contact Esso Head Office about this situation since it hadn't changed. I emailed them and they emailed me back. Their email told me that they would speak to the manager on site at this particular Esso. I have no idea what that conversation was about because that was the last I heard from Esso and the situation hasn't changed as of the day I updated this page, on March 8th, 2005!!

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