Bloor & Yonge St. Store inside The Bay mall - lower level

Fabricland - Bloor/Yonge Store - view of the stock piled right in front of the elevators

Fabricland - Bloor/Yonge Store - this is what you encounter on a regular basis here while trying to get on the elevator to leave the store

Fabricland - Bloor/Yonge Store - another view as you are trying to leave the store coming around the turn to the elevators.

This store is always like this. It never fails. They use this space by the elevators as a place to keep stock. Be aware, one of the elevators does not go down to this store as it is claimed to. It's the elevator on the left. We have complained about this for months to staff there we encounter but nothing has been done. If you manage to get into this store, remember, you must see a staff member there to get you an elevator to leave. It is run by keys. You can't just push the button for it to come down.


As of March 2005 this situation hasn't changed. I wrote the head office and got the phone number of the store and was told to call it before I went and they'd try to help. Fine if I know what time I'll be there but what about if I happen to be out and decide to go? It's not fine anyway, the situation outside of the elevators is still constantly blocked with stock. You still need to get someone to get you the key to leave and their staff still are not all that helpful. You can't get through most of the aisles in the store either still. Unless you can get up and walk a short distance I would advise you to forget this store and find somewhere else to get your material and sewing supplies from.

FINAL UPDATE: 2016... this store closed several years ago. Maybe 5 or 6 yrs now. BUT.. low and behold they opened a Dollarama in there. And didn't fix the issues either. Now if you take that freight elevator the staff at Dollarama pitch a fit because it puts you right in their stock room. So? Who's fault is that? I was told by the mgr there that they are going to put a lift of some kind where that escalator is and stairs are but it's been at least 2 years now and nothing of the sort. You still have to manipulate yourself through all their crap, just like you had to with fabricland when it was there. And they still are not so polite when you do use that elevator to access their store. What do they expect? I should take the stairs with my scooter???

Dollarama has a serious issue these days. On their website they claim to be A.O.D.A. compliant and they are not!! Every new store is two floors and down a huge set of stairs. There is NOTHING wheelchair accessible with the majority of their stores. Even if you can get into them, the crap in the isles is just too much at times. I will be doing a new page on Dollarama and it will include a list of their emails if I can still find them. Obnoxious! A.O.D.A. compliant my ass and if I need to, I will go to human rights about this in the end.

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