Izba Restaurant

648 The Queensway

Izba Restaurant
I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend in July 2002 and it has become one of my favourites. Although the front has steps there's a patio out the back that is fully accessible through a pathway on the right side of the building leading to their outdoor patio. The last time I was there I inquired about the winter months and was told the pathway is always shovelled and clear and there are large sliding doors leading into the restaurant.

If you are able to get out of your mobility device the front door has 2 or 3 steps that are wide making them easy to use (not high), then there's a platform and one more step into the doorway.

If you wish to call ahead you can go to their "website" and get their phone number. You can make a reservation there and it may be wise to do so. Although this place is out of the way they can be busy due to their great food and great prices. You get large portions here of great food for what a meal at a fast food restaurant can cost you, and if you can't eat it all they will gladly put the remainder in a take out container for you. Vienna Snitzel is only $6.95 there and it literally fills the plate. Plus fresh veggies. There is also parking on the street in front of the restaurant.

The only problem with this restaurant is I'm not sure a mobility device can get in their washrooms but I may be wrong. When I go, since I'm able to get out of my scooter, we just drive there and I walk the few steps into the restaurant.

*note* this picture above is copyrighted to Izba.

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