JJ Muggs restaurant

Dundas St. W. just west of Yonge St.

JJ Muggs restaurant    JJ Muggs patio view
There is not an automatic door at this resturant but it is level with the sidewalk. A visitor to this site says the restaurant is wheelchair accessible though and that they frequent it. She says they have the best Sunday brunch in town and a very sumptious buffet. They have tables reachable by wheelchair although she isn't sure of the huge buffet area as her husband brought her her brunch. In the right picture you can see more of a view of the patio here. It is wheelchair accessible. On the left is more of a view of the main entrance.

While there a waiter in the patio was easily approached and I requested to see the manager. He went and got him and I inquired if they were ever going to put an automatic door at the main entry. He informed me they have plans to in future renovations.

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