Nursing Home Applications in Toronto
Are you considering applying for a nursing home in Toronto?

Are you filling out an application for someone else to be admitted into a nursing home in Toronto?

You should read this website first.  It will help guide you through what can be a nightmare of government offices, tests, etc.

I have supplied you with as much information as I possibly can including all the surprises they don't inform you of until all is set and nothing can be done about it!

All the quirks, glitches, problems, what's going to happen, what to expect, etc.

This website was brought about through my own experiences with admitting my 100 year old grandmother into a nursing home facility in April 2003. 

This process turned out to be a nightmare with all the 'unknowns' that were thrown at us at the last minute when nothing could be done about them but accept them and the stress and hardship they caused.  Hopefully this website will help guide you through this adventure in life at a much easier pace than I and my family had.  At least you'll be prepared for what comes next and what to expect that they don't tell you until you have no choice in the matter.

Feel free to print off what you need. I recommend you have a notepad and pen ready to take notes as you go through this website. You'll need them later and it will help keep you a bit co-ordinated in the hustle to move in. Simple click on the "Site Index" link to the left to begin your adventure into the unknown.
This is my gram on her 100th birthday on Nov. 12th, 2002
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