Hearing Aids
the saga continues....

Here we go again. One would think that after that last debacle over my Gram's hearing aids and them breaking them and having to cover the cost of repair of one of them to the tune of $160.00 they would have learned something now wouldn't you?

Guess again!

It's now about 6 months later or so and I'm at a meeting with the head nurse, one of the nurses on duty that day and the social worker. It's the 'yearly family meeting'.

After going over the fact I was not happy with one of the nurses who just 'assumed' something was taken care of and what happens when they need to go to the hospital - more on this horrid situation later - and the battle to get her eyes checked which the head nurse "didn't remember" the several conversations we had about it, the floor nurse at the meeting pipes up and announces that my Gram's hearing aids aren't working!!!!!!!! The look on my face must have been priceless as the head nurse and the social worker looked at me then each other and I swear I saw fear in their eyes. I just about went livid.

I looked at the nurse and asked her "Have you changed the batteries lately?" She said "yes", "it isn't the batteries, the hearing aids are broken"!!!

I must have been turning green by then and I said to her.... "Have you been cleaning them every day as required?" I get silence, the entire room went silent and everyone is looking everywhere except at me. At that point I simply lost it and said to them all "We just went through all this. You had to pay for repairs to her hearing aids that you broke. It takes 30 seconds to clean her hearing aids which can be done while she's sitting in the tub or under the shower."

They sat there silent... I went on "When I had her hearing aids fixed last time I brought back a few 'cleaning brushes' that I was going to leave in her room. I was told by Lorna, the head nurse, not to do that but to leave these with the nurses station as well as her hearing aid batteries so the nurses always have it there and can clean her hearing aids. So, that's where they were left, with the nurses."

At this point finally the nurse in attendance speaks up again and remarks that she's never seen the cleaning brushes!!! I guess it was apparent that I was about to fly off the handle when Lorna, the head nurse pipes up and says to the nurse "can you try cleaning them". The nurse said "yes".

A couple of days later I was back and the nurse came up to me and told me my Gram's hearing aids were both working. They needed to be cleaned!!!!!

So, all that time, after that first incident that cost them, and they still were not cleaning her hearing aids. I'm told there is a place that comes there on a regular basis to 'fix' hearing aids. Boy, what a racket that must be. With them not cleaning them because they couldn't care less obviously if these folks hear or not, these hearing aids must be breaking left, right and center. Consider even if this place charged a lesser fee of $100.00 per repair, what a killing they must be making. Taking into consideration as well the types of patients at these places, most being elderly, my bet is the majority of them are using at least one hearing aid. Someone is pocketing a load of money as far as I'm concerned out of our seniors pockets!!! And with hearing aids constantly breaking due to a lack of care these poor people are going without them a lot and without them they can't hear a damn thing.

I want to know why they don't clean the hearing aids unless you stand over them? They wash the patients, they shower/bathe them. They will brush their teeth and put their dentures in and eyeglasses on. So why the hell are their hearing aids neglected?

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