Hearing Aids
the final insult (hopefully)

I simply cannot believe this situation with my Gram's hearing aids. A bit of time has gone by since debacle #2. Maybe a few weeks.

I have the opportunity to get away for a few days so I'm taking care of last minute things and as well need to go visit my Gram. While there she seems to be having difficulties hearing. I look in her right ear and her hearing aid is there but when I look in her left ear there's NO hearing aid!!

I asked my Gram where her hearing aid was and she said she didn't know. Now I'm concerned. They are suppose to put her hearing aids in in the mornings. Sometimes she can't get them in herself anymore. So, I leave her in the foyer of the building and I go down to her room to look in her bedside table drawer and it's not there. If anywhere it should have been there. Wanting an answer I go to the nurses station to see if they know. No one is there. I wait, and wait and still no one is there.

Finally this lady, a helper, shows up and I ask if she knows where my Gram's hearing aid is. This damn thing is worth $1500.00 She says she doesn't know. This is one of the ladies that cares for my Gram. So I go looking for a nurse but can't find one. I go back to the nurses station and it's still empty and this lady is still around though. She then tells me the nurse is on a break but she saw the nurse and asked if they knew where my Gram's hearing aid was and the nurse claimed she had them both in in the morning. I didn't know what to think.

The helper lady then goes into my Gram's room and starts to look around and goes into her bedside table. I tell her that it isn't there and that I'd like it found.

She turns around to me and says "she doesn't hear anyway"... !!! Well.... I just about flipped. I wanted to go over there and slap this woman. How dare she. How insulting can she be? Yes indeed, my Gram has hearing problems. To the point the hearing aids only help. HOWEVER, if you speak to her in a normal tone of voice near her right ear she can hear everything you say and answer you.

What the hell kind of attitude is that? The woman has a hearing problem, she is 101 years old. She doesn't hear this woman well due to the fact that this helper has a heavy accent for one thing and for another, I simply can't get it across to the woman to speak to her in a normal tone, don't yell or talk loudly. That only distorts things.

Matter of fact, I can't get it across to most everyone in that damn place not to yell. Even the Doctor there. This man is suppose to be a geriatric doctor and he sits there and yells in her ear. Then wonders why I have to repeat everything he says to her in a normal voice and why she turns to me and tells me she can't understand what he's saying. This particular incident happened when we first moved her in and the Doctor wanted to talk to me about DNR. I told him that although I have her power of attorney, that he should be talking to her about it. She was 100 at the time but still quite able to discuss this issue herself and tell him her feelings about the issue. I must have told him 5 times not to yell in her ear.... to speak normally in a normal tone near her ear, not right into it. Every time though he acknowledged what I said and then proceeded to yell. My poor Gram kept saying to me "I can't understand what he is saying". I had to repeat everything and as I did she understood what I said and answered all his questions and told him her expressed wishes should something happen and drastic measures needed to be taken.

This is a nursing home. What the hell is with these people, including a doctor, always yelling at hearing impaired people? Yelling only distorts the sounds if they are wearing a hearing aid and it also hurts their ears. Why don't they know this? And if they do, why do they still yell at these people thinking they'll be heard?

I swear one day I'm going to start yelling everything I have to say to these people that are suppose to be educated and informed.

By the way, I found my Gram's hearing aid. It was in her purse. How it got there I'll never know. I asked her and she told me she didn't know how it got there. Her memory isn't what it used to be with short term but I seriously can't see her removing her hearing aid since she knows she can't hear without it.

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