Ontario Street

between Wellesley St. E. and Prospect St.

major problems with tree planters and sidewalk      major problems with tree planters and sidewalk
These have been like this for years. Look closely at the sidewalk, how lifted it is in places and those concrete cases for the sapling trees planted years ago that have grown significantly. Didn't anyone think these trees would grow?

more problems      more lifted sidewalks and poor patching jobs

lifted sidewalk and very poor patch work done which only makes matters worse      closer view of how bad this sidewalk is
Again, take a look at how much this sidewalk has lifted due to poor planning. Decorative panels of sidewalk have lifted substantially and cracked. The city 'patch' job is horrendous. They have simply slapped on tar or whatever and not even leveled it. This entire east side of Ontario Street between Wellesley St. E. and Prospect needs to be torn up and redone. Not only is this difficult to take a mobility device over but I'm not surprised there aren't a lot of injuries such as twisted ankles with pedestrian traffic.

There are a lot of elderly and disabled in this area. Many use mobility devices, walkers or canes. There are 17 large (approx 30 story's each) apartment buildings directly across the street in St. Jamestown. Two of the large apartment buildings are designated disabled buildings. There are many houses on this portion of Ontario St. as well as a grade school and a co-op building. It's time the city takes a look at this street and does something about it.

tree planting on sidewalk near Carleton St. on Ontario St.
Look at this tree. It is very large. It is not pulling up the sidewalk either. This is further down Ontario St. near Carleton St. If a tree this size can be there and not damage the sidewalk the ones further up Ontario St. towards Wellesley St. E. can as well. The planters need to be removed and the sidewalks worked around the trees like in this photo. The trees do not need to be removed! Just the outgrown planters and the sidewalk redone and leveled. If it is possible for this one tree (and a larger one at that) then it's possible for all the trees on this street. No one wants the trees removed, just the sidewalk fixed, even if it takes a bit of extra time, effort and money.

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