Riverdale Farm

At Winchester St. roughly at Amelia St.

Riverdale Farm sign
This sign is posted at the main entry. Be extremely careful. There are pathways at this farm that you should absolutely avoid at all costs. They are far too steep an incline for a mobility device (one scooter, a Fortress, went out of control on one of the pathways). I couldn't imagine pushing a wheelchair up or down these paved pathways either. There is nothing to look at down the pathways anyway. I had someone walking go take a long walk down one and report back to me. Sorry I have no pictures of that particular pathway but we were all so rattled after that scooter went out of control on it, it simply slipped my mind to take a picture. If I get back there, I will.

Riverdale Farm - hours of operation sign
I have a problem with the signs at this place. This one, right at the main entrance on the right of the gate says it is open until 4 p.m. On the left side of the gate there's another sign and it states it's open until 6 p.m. Then, over on the Amelia St. entrance there is yet another sign for business hours and it states its open until 5 p.m. They can't seem to make their minds up.

Personally, I probably will never visit this farm again. Even the 4 year old that was with us was disappointed at the lack of animals to view. He saw much better the day before at the 'farm' on Center Island. I will say though, that the park in front of this farm is a nice one and does include a wading pool for little kids. There are clean picnic benches there as well and ample space. One note though, this park is a designated 'leash off' park for dogs so if you have a problem with dogs running around (although there weren't many) this is not the park for you.

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