Toronto Eaton Center - Dundas & Yonge Sts.

Sears store - Toronto Eaton Center     Sears store - Toronto Eaton Center
It's difficult to find the automatic door here at the Sears store at Dundas & Yonge Sts. In the picture on the left there is an automatic door but the button for it is one of those small rectangular ones and it blends in perfectly with the frame of the door so you really must look for it. There is no colour on it. In the picture on the right, I couldn't find a disabled door but I may have missed it. These two entrances are side by side facing Yonge/Dundas on an angle.

One of our website visitors has informed us there is another disabled entrance at the Eaton Centre. It is off Yonge St. next to the Baton Rouge Restaurant.

*NOTE* For all of you who used to use the old Eaton's elevators to go to the different shopping levels in the mall, you can no longer do that! We found that out yesterday when we kept attempting to go to 2 below and the elevator wouldn't move. A sears employee came along and we told her we thought the elevator wasn't working correctly and she informed us those buttons on the elevator don't work anymore. That they closed the lower level floors in that store. That's too bad, it used to be one easy way to access the rest of the mall. Using the Eaton's elevators and going through the store to the rest of the mall.

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