Shoppers Drug Mart

On Parliament St. almost at Carleton St.

Check out the sign!
This sign is right at the main entrance door. hmmmmm Hopefully this means those things the kids run around on. You would think a company that not only repairs but sells disabled scooters would choose their words better!

Shoppers Drug Mart Parliament St. Store Isle example
This is an example of displays all over the place in this store. What you can't see is there is yet another display directly behind the one on the right. It makes getting out of that aisle difficult. There are free standing displays all over the place in this store as well as stock in aisles. The worst thing though was getting out of that store. You have to go through the main checkout like you do in most stores but... this one is right by a load of free standing displays and racks, there isn't much room and just where you would turn to get out of the checkout to the exit they have the window piled high and wide with cases of pop. I am surprised I was able to get around the bend to get out. I had to move at a crawl to not crash into something and be very careful to get out of that store. No one moved to help at the counters either.

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