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Included on this page are all our links plus information on how to send our website to friends or businesses using different email and messaging services. For most recent updates see the bottom of this page.

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Disability section is full of information including a new page added February 5th, 2005 about
User UN-Friendly Products

New - Disabled Forum - Leave your comments!!


Instructions on how to send our website to friends
Please be sure to have our main entry page open at Toronto Mobility"


ICQ Users:

How to send this website through ICQ :

1. Have your ICQ contact list window open and ready.
2. Highlight the person you wish to send the page to.
3. Simply left click on the name of the person you wish to send the page to on your ICQ list and then when the new window (menu) comes up right click on "Web Page Address (URL)".
4. A new window will come up with this URL already printed in it for you, just click "send". Be sure the correct URL is in there, if not, simply take that one out and type in the correct URL of the page you want to send.
5. If you wish to send this to more than one person, click on "More" then "Multiples", then put check in each little box that you wish to send the page to before you click "send".


AOL Users:

How To Add a Hyperlink to E-mail:

1. When you encounter an area online that you'd like to share with an AOL member, click the heart icon on its title bar. A dialog box with three buttons appears.
2. Click Insert in Mail. An e-mail form appears, with the link already inserted, and a subject filled in.
3. Add an explanation about the link, if you wish, and click the Send To: box to fill in your friend's screen name.
4. Click Send Now. The heart does not show if you have the screen maxmized.


Web TV:

To email this website using Web TV this is what you do:

1. While viewing the Web page, press the Send button.
2. Now enter the e-mail of the recipient, and select Send Page.
3. To add a note to your message, select Edit Message.
4. The Internet (URL) will be mailed to the person's account.
5. The URL of the web page you sent will appear as either a link or as a typed Web page address, depending on the recipient's email system.

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