Staples - Business Depot

approx. 1140 Yonge St.

Staples-Business Depot main entrance 1    Staples-Business Depot main entrance pic 2
This is the main entrance of this huge Staples store on Yonge St. Look at the picture on the left. Notice the automatic doors? Now look at the picture on the right. Notice the stairs!!! This was well done. There is a rather large section of sidewalk leading to that door, why they couldn't make this a ramp leading into those doors is beyond me.

If you are disabled you must enter through the back of the store which is down the street a bit and through their parking lot. (see pics below) This entry door is great but.. once in the store you simply can't get around due to displays plopped everywhere. There is no accessibility down through the thin aisles left. There must have been 30 display boxes and standing displays right at the entrance there. I couldn't reach what I needed in the first aisle.

I've always wondered why, when I call this store I seem to get someone that doesn't have a clue. I found out on my visit there. I had to seek help to get what I needed to purchase and the only staff I could find were still going through puberty. It took two of them to find a simple computer cable and they still couldn't find the right one. I gave up.. backed out of the store and left.

This store, as huge as it is, with such a great entry at the rear of the store, is one I won't be visiting again due to the problems once in the store with sale boxes everywhere and free standing displays making it impossible to access the aisles.

Rear Disabled Entrance at Staples on Yonge    Rear Disabled Entrance at Staples on Yonge
Pictures of the back disabled entrance off their parking lot.

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