The Bay & Brookfield Properties

Acknowledgement of their efforts on behalf of the disabled

This is the story of 2 Bloor St. East where The Bay has a large store. For many years now The Bay at the corner of Bloor and Yonge Sts. has had a disabled entrance. There were several problems with this entrance though. The two worst problems being:

1) The entrance is a very long and twisted (zig zagged) passageway prohibiting viewing where you are going or if someone was coming towards you.

2) The passageway was far too narrow to turn in so if you were to enter the store and someone was exiting you would meet somewhere along the way and one of you would have to back up to allow the other to pass.

After several years of enduring this passageway I finally got annoyed enough to contact The Bay about it. I commented on the problems of this passageway and my dismay that once again renovations were being done and there wasn't a hint of a truly approachable disabled entrance being made. I also let them know that the Wheel Trans drop off is directly in front of this store but at the Bloor St. side of the store, not the Yonge St. side, therefore anyone taking Wheel Trans to shop there had to literally circle the block to enter. Not terrific in inclement weather. I received a letter back from a lovely lady named Christine from their customer service. She in turn passed the letter along to the Operations Manager at head office and the store manager.

In no time I received a phone call from a very nice gentleman, the Operations Manager, who informed me he had read the email and had arranged for a meeting with the construction company that were on site doing renovations on the building at the time. They were going to discuss whether or not a new disabled entrance could be made on the Bloor St. side of the store.

Here is where Brookfield Properties comes in. The Bay does not own this building. Brookfield Properties does. I take it that the Operations Manager also contacted the owners of the building and discussed this matter with them as well as the construction company doing the renovations.

To make a long story short, The Bay and Brookfield Properties have in fact agreed that a new disabled entrance can and will be made at 2 Bloor St. East. I have been told that the completion date is October 2002. This new entrance will be on the Bloor Street side of the store, close to the Wheel Trans drop off point and will be complete with an elevator.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled and would like to thank The Bay and Brookfield Properties for their patience with me and for the efforts they have made to make life just a bit easier for their disabled patrons. They had the insight and ability to go forward, making a large adjustment to their plans. They took the request into consideration with open eyes and agreed that a new entrance was indeed needed.

I'd like to add here on behalf of the disabled of Toronto, to The Bay and Brookfield Properties, all your efforts are greatly appreciated. This new entrance will make shopping in this mall an easier experience. Since the mall is so big there are many stores there that a lot of disabled people in the downtown core of Toronto utilize. Other large property managements and businesses could take a few lessons from your actions.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this project.

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