Victoria Street

Victoria St. is the street that runs up along the side of St. Michael's Hospital. If you are not injured when you are going into this hospital you will be going over this sidewalk. I realize this is city property but you would think the hospital would request something done. Be very cautious when travelling up this part of Victoria St. Whether you are walking, or in a mobility device. Especially at the corner of Queen St. E. & Victoria. The sidewalk lifts quite a bit and it's easy to stumble on or even if hit wrong, tip a mobility device.

Victoria St right at the corner of Queen St. E.
Please use a lot of caution when utilizing this corner sidewalk.

Victoria St right near the entrance of St. Michael's Hospital     Victoria St just after the entrance of St. Michael's Hospital
The left picture here is just as you get to the Victoria St. entrance of St. Michael's hospital where the disabled ramp is. You cross this mess to use the ramp. The pic on the right is just after this entrance. Although the section of sidewalk on the left side of the pictures looks better it isn't really much better and you still have to go over a lot of the really bad sidewalk to get into the hospital.

Victoria St. a little further up towards Shuter     Victoria St., closer to Shuter St.
The picture on the left is a bit further up towards Shuter St. and the picture on the right is further up. As you can see, this sidewalk doesn't get any better.

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