World's Biggest Bookstore on Edward St.

World's Biggest Bookstore - Entrance
*note* After the arm of my scooter got jammed in this 'gate' I requested they either fill in that gap or push the sign over to the left to fill it in. Obviously they haven't. This happened to me a few years ago and the pic here was taken the end of July 2002.

World's Biggest Bookstore - Checkout counters
There is a second floor to this huge store and it always seems what I want is on that floor. Problem is, there's no elevator. For years I've been asking when they are putting an elevator in that store. I've contacted their head office several times and each time I've been told they are going to put one in. New renovations are going to be happening. Well, the other day when I was there I talked to one of the staff there who informed me there will never be an elevator in that store, that it isn't structurally safe to put one in due the the buildings age!! The building is old but give me a break. If you know exactly what you are looking for and it's upstairs, a staff member will go get it for you but if you want to browse or compare books you are out of luck.

This store no longer has a computer software department either. They removed it around the end of 2001.

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