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Welcome to Disabled in Ontario. I started the orginal section (Toronto Mobility) some time back. Now after a considerable amount of time and one politician after the other both on Municipal and Provincial levels spouting things are going to be different, I've decided I'm tired of waiting for the promises and have opened this website up as a sounding board.

I'd like to fill in a few facts for those that are not disabled and possibly reading this. The Provincial Government of Ontario, regardless of whom has been in office has done absolutely nothing to help the disabled in Ontario. Those disabled on gov't pensions due to reasons beyond their control have not had a raise in their disability cheques in over 12 years. YES.. I said TWELVE years. I suggest you try going to the grocery store and purchase the same groceries today that you did 12 years ago.

The Provincial Government and the Municipal Government of Toronto have done absolutely nothing really to bring about wheelchair accessibility to the City as well as the Province. Oh yes, the provincial gov't has instituted new building codes but it is so full of holes it's ridiculous and an insult to anyone disabled. The City of Toronto, well I've been hearing 'we're working on it' for too long. There are no by-laws on the books yet! And of course they keep passing the buck and blaming the Provincial Gov't.

Well... it's time. It's time for us to stand up and unite and say we have had enough of being called welfare cases, being denied the help we need, and I'm not talking expensive items either. Of being passed over again and again and being expected to live on the same amount of money for a dozen years.

The stories are horrendous of disabled being denied the basics or the help they need for no reason or due to screw ups. Both by Provincial and City Gov'ts. Furthermore, it's insulting for us to have to listen to it.

It's time people. I am putting information on this site for you. Come on inside and take a look and you now have an opportunity to voice your opinions and tell us your stories too. Once this site starts to pick up, I will be more than glad to send it to the governments that ignore us and treat us like we don't exist and they wish they could just push us all away. I also promise to use my media contacts in regards to this when we get enough people onboard.

So, here we go... please take the time to join the blog and post your opinions, tell us your horror stories or simply vent. Feel free to also participate in the other sections of this website. A site map is on the NEXT PAGE, so come on in.

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